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I'm Leaha and I like to use my creative talents for problem solving and making the world a more beautiful place. I'm interested in a position as a designer for web or print in either an agency or in-house team. I can bring some bright flair and lots of pop culture knowledge to your team.

I graduated from Kutztown University in May 2016 with my Bachelor's in Communication Design with concentrations in advertising and web design. I immediately joined an in-house marketing team where I grew from lowly intern to Creative Services Manager, finding a new love for traditional graphic design and honing my skills. Besides the routine tasks of social media content, newsletter creative, and webpage redesigns, I worked independently on projects for our CEO as well as for international telecommunications companies we partnered with. From the creative brief to the summary report, I ran the creative department and provided a fresh style for the brand that kept us at the top of our market.

My creative process starts with asking every possible question so I can make exactly what is needed. Then I move to research, compiling inspiration in moodboards to focus my thoughts. Next comes LOTS of sketching because you know the first three ideas are trash and just need to get out of the way. Once I start mockups I'll begin asking for feedback and critique to bring the final project to perfection.

If I'm not in the office I can be found on a football field, tossing 6ft metal poles in the air and prancing across yard lines for fun. Or perhaps at the local rock gym, scaling a wall. If the weather is less cooperative I always enjoy curling up with a fantasy book, movie, or TV show and will gladly discuss any with you. Sometimes I get the urge to be crafty and try sewing my own costumes. I'm always thinking about where my next travel adventure will be.


Let's talk about West World, the new mexican place, or a job.